What is the best white LED strip to get?

When shopping for LED lights, be critical. Any light or seller that does NOT specifically list the CRI/Ra value of a light, LED strip, etc.. don’t trust it. And even when they do, buy a sample first, otherwise you can never be sure.

I have tested a lot of LED strip. I still do actually, especially with white LED strip, there are a lot of differences between various vendors and even models they have. Testing those has become a bit of a hobby for me you could say. Anyway, during that testing there came a time to decide what I would purchase in bulk and use all throughout the house, I ended up buying a large quantity of LED strip from a manufacturer called “colordiode”. But since then I’ve done a lot more testing and “identified” Premium Quality and Good Quality LED strips I’d advise other people to buy.

Below are some things that you need to take into account while selecting LED strip, please make sure to also read those!


Super warm white (2600k), Warm white (3000k) and Neutral white (4300k) from Colordiode

12v vs 24v strip

If you haven’t bought or own any components like power supplies and such, I strongly recommend getting everything in 24v instead of 12v. You can read more about why over here.

LEDs/m 30, 60 or 120?

When selecting a strip it’s important to think about how many LED modules you want/need per meter. A higher count providers more light and a nicer lighting pattern but also costs more. See the following article for more details.

Copper trace thickness

Flexible strip material varies a lot in quality, they directly determine how much power can run through them and thus how well the strip can perform. Premium quality strips will use more copper providing thicker traces and thus allowing more current to flow through.

When cutting the Colordiode strip the thick copper traces are clearly visible



Power supplies

It’s important to use a decent power supply of the correct wattage for the strip. Check over here to find how to calculate and a selection of power supplies.