QuinLED-ESP32 board dimensions

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My QuinLED-ESP32 is in some regards a clone of the more well known “MH ET ESP32 Mini” or also sometimes called the “D1 Mini ESP32” but it’s hardware implementation is completely custom. I also tried to stick to mostly the same pinout basically making the QuinLED-ESP32 compatible with most boards out there which can take one of those “D1 Mini ESP32” boards.

If you are designing a board for my ESP32 board, here are the exact dimensions to take into account.


My board uses 4x 9 pin rows instead of 4x 10 pin rows the generic boards use. The reason for this is to have a little bit of extra space for components on the board while keeping the board outline the same. Also those 4 pins where connected internally to pins used by the onboard flash memory so where never useful for user project so, nothing lost there.

Generally in Kicad I use 4x 9pin blocks (2.54mm spacing for pins and between them on one side) and space the left 9 pins on each side exactly 25.40mm apart, it’s almost poetic! 😉

Board Dimensions

As said, my board closely follows the generic boards dimensions, but here is a drawing with the exact measurements for the QuinLED-ESP32 board:

*The AE version of the board does not extend beyond the yellow lines!