QuinLED An-Penta-Mini Board terminals

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The QuinLED An-Penta-Mini has various connectors to connect power, your LEDs and even extra button/switches or sensors to the board! Please the the below layout and photos for clarification!

Board Terminals

  • USB-C connector
    • Used to program ESP32-C3 microprocessor
  • Antenna Connector
    • RP-SMA antenna terminal for external antenna
  • 1x Stemma QT/Qwiic terminal for I2C devices
  • Pluggable screw terminals
    • All screw terminals are 5.08mm pluggable or 3.81mm pluggable style “rising clamp” terminals
    • All with + (Philips head) screws
      • Front
        • 1x 2p 5.08mm Orange power input terminal  (supports up to 10Amps)
        • 1x 5p 3.81mm Green Button input terminals
          • 3x button pin
            • All pulled high through debounce circuit, short to GND to trigger input
          • 1x 3v3
          • 1x GND
      • Back
        • 1x 2p 5.08mm Red positive power output terminal  (fused at 5A per slot)
        • 1x 2p 5.08mm Black LED PWM output terminal  (rated at 5A max each)
          • L1 & L2
        • 1x 3p 3.81mm Black LED PWM output terminal  (rated at 3A max each)
          • L3, L4 and L5

Photos of front and back of the board

[photo of the front and back of the board terminals]