QuinLED-Data-Booster for sale

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Data wire lengths and power injection with digitally addressable LEDs is always a much discussed topic. Everyone’s setup is slightly different and optimizing a single digital controller board like the QuinLED-Dig-Uno and QuinLED-Dig-Quad to all situations is basically impossible, because of this I have created the QuinLED-Data-Booster(-Maxi)!


This board has combined several functions into a single board:

  1. Data Signal Conditioning (dedicated article)
    • Takes in a LED data signal and sends it out using a selectable 33Ω or 249Ω resistor
      • 33Ω is suited for cable where GND and data run in the same cable
      • 249Ω is suited for cable where power and data are run through different cables
  2. Middle run bridging
    • If at some point you wish to create a bridge between some LEDs mid-run, the signal that’s output but LEDs themselves is much weaker then what a proper level-shifting setup puts out
      • Also gives you the function to adapt the signal to your cabling situation again as mentioned in point 1!
    • If the data signal becomes weak because of very long cables involved, this little board will take in the weakened data signal and send it out again strong!
      • But…if the data signal has become corrupted because of outside influence, there is nothing that can be done to “clean” the signal!
  3. Power Injection
    • The board has 2 large spots for an M3 screw and nut to connect power injection wires
      • Board comes with 2x fork crimp ferrules, 2x M3 screw and 2x M3 locking-nut
      • Allows you to inject using large diameter cables without the need for soldering

Some other features:

  • Dim Orange Power LED
  • 5v – 48v compatible

For detailed information about the above features, please see the following articles and it’s links:

(Some of the functionality of this board is also sometimes referred to as an “F-Amp”, “Null-Pixel”, “Pixaboost” or “Null buffer”)

I have tried to keep pricing as cheap as possible so that even if you don’t know if you’re going to need one, including it in your order isn’t going to break the bank either!

Price as mentioned above = 3,49$ per board excluding shipping!

WorldWide & US store

I am working together with DrZZs to offer this board. The main store I am selling from is the international store through the allnet.china store and they service the whole world. But if you are in the US, DrZZs will have local stock! Since he ships out locally, shipping costs for you should be lower and you should also get it a bit quicker, so as long as he has stock, I would recommend order locally!




After you order

After you order, if you don’t have the crimping tools and wish to use the power injection feature (without soldering) or maybe need some wire or other tools, check out the tools & equipment page!