QuinLED-dig2analog for sale!

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If you’d like to purchase a QuinLED-dig2analog board, please click the store to buy from below!

*If you landed on this page without knowing what the board does, please return the to board index to find all articles related to the dig2analog!


Since it’s likely you’ll use more then a single dig2analog board pricing is structured. Buying from Allnet a single board will cost you $7,49, a 5 pack will cost $34,95 so $6,99 a board and if you buy a 10 pack that only costs $59,99 so each board comes down to $5,99 a piece!

*There are WorldWide store prices, other sellers prices might vary slightly.


WorldWide & US store

Boards are currently in stocked in both stores!

I am working together with DrZZs to offer this board. The main store I am selling from is the international store through the allnet.china store and they service the whole world. But if you are in the US, DrZZs will have local stock! Since he ships out locally, shipping costs for you should be lower and you should also get it a bit quicker, so as long as he has stock, I would recommend order locally!



After you order

Next to the dig2analog board you are going to need some 3-wire cable to hook up the Dig-Uno/Dig-Quad/Dig-Octa as the data and power input source. I recommend getting thick wire for this, especially if you are going to daisy chain multiple boards together. Here is a link for 16AWG/1.3mm2 cable from Aliexpress! That shop also sells excellent very high quality LED strip if you are looking for those too!