Revision history

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To try and keep track of past revisions and the major changes between the versions here is a list of past releases and some of the things that have changed

  • QuinLED-Dig-Uno 
    • Version 1
      • Never Released
    • Version 2
      • Revision 5
        • 2019-06-15 – Initial release version
      • Revision 6
        • 2020-05-08 – Small board updates
          • Changed temperature sensor footprint (easier to solder)
          • Changed Large Capacitor footprint to fit better (16v 270uF)
          • Added pin headers for 1wire + GPIO0 (WLED Button)
          • Added 2×51Ω 0805 Resistor in data paths (provides additional anti-ringing)
          • Changed SS12 diode to SS24 (to have 3xSS24 diode in total)
          • Optimized power path layout further
          • Fixed header labeling mistake
    • Version 3
      • Revision 2
        • Dates
          • DIY 2022-05
        • Re-based on current pre-assembled v3.1 version
          • Including new pinout making it less compatible with ESP8266
        • Full 24v compatibility
        • Optimized board layout improving signal integrity
        • Outputs renamed to LED1 and LED2 (fully Dual channel ws281x controller with ESP32!)
        • Renamed 5vEXT to vEXT since it accepts 5v-24v
        • Extra GND pin near input terminal and power selection jumper
          • Can be used to provide extra GND when using vEXT
        • Removed yellow LED1 output selection jumper
          • No longer needed with board targeted at ESP32 primarily
        • Added more copper clearance in some areas
        • Small silkscreen improvements
          • Added WLED logo to the board!
      • Revision 3
        • Changed some track tolerances because I had some reports of people getting a message from PCBway that some tracks where too close to the edge