Available dig2go bundles

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To make getting started with digitally addressable LEDs even easier the dig2go is available in various bundles. This will give you everything you need/want to immediately get started with lighting up your room and showing cool animations!

All dig2go’s come pre-flashed with WLED and pre-configured out of the box, ready to go in seconds!

The dig2go is only be available in a “pre-assembled” form*. The following bundle types are available:

  • Just the Controller
    • Just add power adapter, USB-C cable and LEDs!
  • Controller + Power bundle
    • All ready to go, just add LEDs!
  • Full kit
    • Everything is there, including the LED strip, truly unpack and play!

*(As a special order the PCB will also be available to integrate into your own product! No need to worry about any of the electronics, just integrate this little PCB and you are done, you now have added addressable LEDs to your own product! Please contact me for details and pricing!)