Analog LEDs are basically dumb LEDs, most often arranged on a flexible LED strip. You can get them in a single color such as white or up to RGB+CCT (dual white). Analog LEDs are generally the best choice if light quality is of importance (main lighting instead of additional/extra lighting).


  • QuinLED-An-Quad   (4 channel (4x white or up to 1xRGBW ESP32 based board with high power handling))


  • QuinLED-An-Deca   (10 channel (10x white or up to 2x RGBCCT ESP32 based board with good power handling))


  • QuinLED-An-Penta   (Advanced Design, Ethernet compatible, 5 channel ESP32 based board with very high power handling)




Some of the below articles are still shared with digital LED strips, will update in the future