Analog LEDs are basically dumb LEDs, most often arranged on a flexible LED strip. You can get them in a single color such as white or up to RGB+CCT (dual white). Analog LEDs are generally the best choice if light quality is of importance (main lighting instead of additional/extra lighting).

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Advanced DIY and Pre-Assembled

  • QuinLED-An-Penta   (Pre-Assembled and DIY, Advanced Design, Ethernet compatible, 5 to 15 channels, various form factors)



DIY Only


  • QuinLED-An-Quad   (4 channel (4x white or up to 1xRGBW ESP32 based board with high power handling))


  • QuinLED-An-Deca   (10 channel (10x white or up to 2x RGBCCT ESP32 based board with good power handling))


Some of the below articles are still shared with digital LED strips, will update in the future