QuinLED-Dig boards and using a relay and the vEXT function

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Addressable LEDs use power even while off (not displaying light). To combat this idle power usage you can use a relay to cut off the power from the LEDs. This can be done on the DC side but large current make this challenging so often this is done on the AC side, also cutting off the idle power draw that larger power supplies have.

To facilitate this feature the QuinLED-Dig boards (QuinLED-Dig-Uno and QuinLED-Dig-Quad) offer a function called “vEXT” (prior called 5vEXT). This function allows you to connect 2 power supplies so you can have a large LED power supply (5v-24v) and a separate small power supply to supply the board with current while idle and the big power supply is off (depending on board 5v-24v compatible but generally a cheap 5v 1Amp spare hone charger is used).

Relay purchasing guide

If you are looking to buy a relay or SSR please see my relay purchasing guide for my recommendations!

Livestream video version

Recently we did a livestream exploring to use of 10Amp and 30Amp relays and a SSR. We tested using them with 3.3v trigger voltage from one of the Q pins on the boards or using the special Q1R pin on the pre-assembled QuinLED-Dig-Quad boards.

Upcoming written article

Behind the scenes we’ve been working on a written article to clearly describe the possibilities and how to use these but that one is not yet finished.