Full Specifications

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Although the dig2go is a very small controller it does pack a lot of advanced hardware making it best in class to drive addressable LEDs from such a small form factor!

  • Very small form factor in fully custom plastic molded case
    • Not a re-used generic part, fully custom to make it as best for it’s purpose as it can be!
  • ESP32 with 4MB of flash memory
  • Fully level-shifted 5v LED data output
  • Switchable power output to LEDs
  • Built-in digital microphone for sound reactive effects
    • High quality original ICS-43434 digital MEMS microphone
  • On/Off button integrated into case
  • IR receiver for generic IR remotes
  • Expandable hardware platform with 2x 4 female headers
    • Switched 5v, 3v3, 2x GND available
    • 4x GPIO (Extra buttons, sensors, I2C connections, etc.)

Extended functionality list

  • Built-in separate protection circuits and auto-reset fuses for LED power and onboard electronics
  • Proper USB and USB-C implementation
    • Works with USB-A to USB-C cables or USB-C to USB-C cables, correctly activating USB-C 5v 3Amp mode
    • Also still works great with a USB-A to USB-C cable!
  • USB-C ESD protection
  • Full USB-C input including USB-to-Serial and auto program circuit
    • Uses CH340 USB-to-Serial chip
    • “Open” hardware, nothing locked down, run any firmware you want!

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