Full Specifications

Next to the basic specifications mentioned on the previous page below are the full specifications and capabilities:

  • Very small form factor in custom plastic case
  • ESP32 with 4MB of flash memory
  • Fully level-shifted 5v LED data output
  • Built-in digital microphone for sound reactive
  • On/Off button integrated into case
  • IR receiver for generic IR remotes
  • 2x 4 female headers for optional expandability
    • 5v, 3v3, 2x GND
    • 4x GPIO (including I2C)
  • Suited for generic 5v ws2812b, 5v sk6812 (RGB and RGBW)
  • For more technical details please see the specifications article!

Extended functionality list:

  • Built-in separate protection circuits and auto-reset fuses for LED power and onboard electronics
    • USB-C ESD protection
  • Built-in “relay” functionality, truly cutting off power to the LEDs when off
    • Great for portable battery usage using a simple powerbank!
  • Full USB-C input including USB-to-Serial and auto program circuit
    • Uses CH340 USB-to-Serial chip
    • Run any firmware you want!
  • Truly USB-C
    • Works with USB-A to USB-C cables or USB-C to USB-C cables, triggering USB-C 5v 3Amp mode