QuinLED-Diff-Solo Wiring and Distance Guide

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Let’s take a look at how to hook up the Diff-Solo! Although the board doesn’t have a lot of ports a diagram can often explain a lot of questions very quickly!

Maximum Distance UTP cable

In testing the maximum wire distance I have done multiple tests up to 500m/1200ft without any signs of data issues occurring. This is using multiple linked together UTP cables. Most of this was solid core AWG24 CAT5e with some stranded mixed in there too. Shorter distances are no problem of course, even 10cm will work fine too.

Maximum distance LED data signal out of Diff-Solo Receiver

The LED data signal coming out of the Diff-Solo Receiver can be compared to the LED data signal coming out of a Dig-Uno or Dig-Quad. This means it’s a correctly level-shifted to 5v signal with a 33R resistor applied. This means the wiring coming out of the Diff-Solo Receiver to your LEDs is best 3-wire with VCC + Data + GND on there. If you decide to run a separate data wire please do so using a 2-wire cable with GND+Data on there. Generally a distance up to 5m/16ft should be no issue and up to 10m/32ft will often work ok.

Wiring Diagram

Please find the below diagram explaining how to use the boards. Please adhere to the voltage limitations as laid out in the specifications article.