QuinLED-dig2analog Suggested configuration in WLED

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To configure the dig2analog in WLED you set the following details on your Dig-Uno, Dig-Quad or Dig-Octa digitally addressable controller.

* The dig2analog expects a 5v data signal, a direct 3.3v signal from an ESP32 board might or might not work

WLED – LED preferences

It’s recommended to turn the brightness limiter off since it won’t understand anything of what’s going on.

This configures a 10 board string basically, each board forms one “LED” or “Pixel”. Please pay attention to the color Order and Swap to make it all work correctly!

WLED – Segments

The above configuration is all you need to do to make all the boards work as if it’s one giant LED strip or string. However if you want to board to each work individually you can split them up into segments and control them that way!

Below you can see how they are configured individually for the first 3 boards: