Dig-Octa Brainboard-32-8L
What’s in the box?

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All boards in the Dig-Octa system come with several accessories included in the box. These vary from included connectors to parts needed to build a stack, etc..

  • Brainboard-32-8L
    • Connectors
      • 1x 2p 3.81mm pluggable for power input
      • 2x 2p 3.81mm pluggable for button input
      • 1x 3p 3.81mm pluggable for relay connector
      • 3x 4p 3.81mm pluggable
        • 1x for I²C-bus connector
        • 2x for LED connectors
    • Standoffs and screws
      • 5x M2.5 3cm female-female for stack on top of powerboard
      • 5x M2.5 2cm male-female (with 6mm screw thread) for extra brainboard stack
      • 10x M2.5 6mm screws