QuinLED-Dig-Uno Pre-Assembled vs DIY

A while back the QuinLED-Dig-Uno project split between being DIY only to having a pre-assembled version next to the DIY version. Because of the difference in manufacturing it both required some changes (for automated manufacturing) and also allowed some features which basically are not really feasible doing in an easy-to-build DIY fashion.

Since the DIY version is now at v3 the main difference is in how it handles different voltages and protection circuits.

Getting a pre-assembled gives you the following:

  • Guaranteed quality
    • All components are from reputable sources
    • All boards are built by professionals (part machine, part hand made)
    • Each board is electrically and functionally checked before leaving the door
    • If something is wrong after you receive it we troubleshoot together and if it’s indeed the board that’s at fault we replace, no problem!
  • Always comes with custom QuinLED-ESP32
    • Choice out of AB (Antenna Board), AE (Antenna External), ABE (Ethernet), AE+ (extra options)
  • Comes pre-flashed with a recent version WLED
    • Take it out of the box, screw in the wires and it immediately works!
  • All pre-assembled Dig boards are manufactured with 2OZ copper
    • Allows to use the boards up to 15Amps (Dig-Uno)
  • Custom DC-DC circuit
    • No more jumper!
    • Auto allows boards to take in 5-24v (Main voltage needs to match LED voltage still!)
    • Auto allows vEXT to also be 5-24v whatever the main voltage is at that time
  • Individual level-shifters per channel
    • For best signal integrity possible
    • Using custom DC-DC circuit enhanced 5.12v LED data channel voltage
    • Adaptable to 3-wire or 2-wire power + 1-wire data scenarios    (since v3.1 of pre-assembled)
      • Using onboard resistor switcher between 249R and 33R resistors
  • Allowed to be (re-)sold or used in sold projects