Custom ESP32 board

2023-12 The QuinLED-ESP32 Legacy versions are no longer being offered!

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2021-07 All versions are available!

A lot of my DIY boards use “plug-in” style ESP32 top-boards. Earlier analog boards used the MH-ET Live ESP32 but recently with the Digitally addressable LED series I settled on the D1 Mini ESP8266 or Mini 32 board form factor. Since starting to sell these combined with pre-assembled boards the most issues we’ve had is with these D1 Mini32 boards failing. So, I have decided to create my own version of them, generally pin compatible but with some added features!

That also means that moving forward, all my future ESP32 DIY based boards will use this form factor. That means you can still buy and use a D1 Mini32 board, or you could purchase some of my QuinLED-ESP32 boards, whatever suits your needs best!

QuinLED-ESP32-AE (Antenna External)

Unique features of the QuinLED-ESP32 development board:

  • Based on Espressif ESP32 Micro-Controller
    • Dual-Core CPU at 240Mhz
    • WiFi 2.4Ghz 802.11N connectivity
    • Wide software compatibility through Arduino IDE, Micropython or other distributions
  • Using ESP32 WROOM32 module version “E”
    • Using newest ESP32-D0WD(-V3) chip
      • Enhanced (WiFi) stability (vs previous versions)
      • Lower power usage (vs previous versions)
  • Enhanced onboard capacitors
    • Better ESP32 stability (especially on USB)
  • Strong 800mA onboard linear 3.3v converter
  • 5v 750mA max PTC fuse
    • Protect board from too high power flowing through it killing it slowly
      • (Do NOT run LEDs powered from your ESP32 development board!)
    • 5v only (do not exceed 6v)
  • USB-C host port
  • Enhanced pin-out
  • Boot button
    • Force into bootloader mode or use as a button (GPIO0 pulled-high) while booted!
  • Small form factor
  • Very dim power LED
    • No more board power LED lighting up your room 😉
  • 3 variants
    • QuinLED-ESP32-AB (Antenna Board)
    • QuinLED-ESP32-AE (Antenna External)
    • QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ (Antenna External + Touch button + IR receiver + Digital Microphone + MicroSDcard slot + 3x LED data output)
    • QuinLED-ESP32-ABE (Antenna Board + Ethernet top board)
  • *All External antenna boards come with a antenna and pigtail cable to connect it!

WorldWide & US store

These custom ESP32 modules are available from the WorldWide store and DrZZs (US only!) for use with the QuinLED controllers or for your own projects!

Available with pins soldered or without

Please note that separately purchased QuinLED-ESP32 boards, so not included with a QuinLED board will not have headers soldered by default those will be included (female + male) in the little baggy the board is in! You will be able to select in the store to have pin headers soldered for your for a small additional fee if you cannot do this yourself.

We now also have a “legacy” version which instead of all pins being pre-soldered only have 2x 8 pins soldered making them compatible with QuinLED-Dig-Uno v2, QuinLED-Dig-Quad v1 or any other ESP8266 D1 Mini footprint.