QuinLED-Diff-Solo Power Handling

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As for all LED boards, voltage coming in = voltage coming out, match your power supply to be the same voltage your LEDs are running (for the Receiver board).

Sender board and Receiver board do not share power and thus can be either the same power supply or two totally separate ones, running different voltages, etc..

As noted in the specifications:

Diff-Solo – Sender board

  • Supported board input voltage through screw terminals
    • 5v-12v (auto input)
  • Board Power usage
    • ~100mA at 5v
    • ~100mA at 12v

Diff-Solo – Receiver board

  • Supported board input & output voltage through screw terminals
    • 5v-24v (auto input)
  • Power handling
    • The board comes delivered with a 5A fuse standard
    • The board supports up to a 10A fuse
      • Please use a good quality fuse!