Sometimes you need cheap

Although I really recommend getting a good (or at least decent) quality LED strip (check this article (bottom for cheaper but good alternatives), sometimes you just need light and it needs to be cheap! Or, you need a lot of light, insane amounts but you don’t want to pay a lot! Ok, ok, I hear you. Here are some suggestions for white(ish) LED strip! Although I’m a big promoter for 24v LED strip, I will also list some 12v strip if your heart is set on that. Be warned though that especially at 12v voltage drop will be really bad on these cheap strips, I don’t recommend using a longer piece then 2m ( ~6 feet) unless you are “double feeding” or “middle feeding” them.

If you are buying new, check over here to buy the appropriate power supply for the voltage strip you get! And while you’re at it, here are some more interesting articles about LED packages, Water proofing and the amount of LEDs/m!

*The Premium Quality Colordiode/Auxma strips actually go even brighter than the strips listed here!

24v strip

24V Cheap cheap

24v, 60LEDs/m, 5050, 5m, white/warm white IP20/IP65


24v High Power

Another scenario is that you need A LOT of light somewhere but the quality isn’t really that important. That’s where these high power LED strips come in!

24v, 240LEDs/m, 2835, 5m, white/warm white, IP20

12v or 24v, 240LEDs/m 1800LM/m Cri/Ra 80, IP20 (very bright)

24v, 120LEDs/m, 5014, 5m, white/warm white, IP20


12v strip

12V Cheap cheap

So cheap… I don’t dare list any specifications

Another one, really don’t know what to write other than that it’s dirt cheap!

12v High Power

12v or 24v, 240LEDs/m 1800LM/m Cri/Ra 80, IP20 (very bright)