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Below are the technical pages for the dig2go, please also visit and the getting started guide there!

The QuinLED-dig2go is an easy to use small form factor addressable LED controller. It’s an easy entry point to digitally controllable LEDs or great and a quick go-to controller for experienced people! It’s mainly oriented towards smaller setups. Being an entry level controller for RGB-IC/Addressable LEDs it’s fully plug and play, no screws or anything like that! Just plug-in USB-C power (like your phone uses) and a set of Addressable LEDs and it’s up and running!

The dig2go is very versatile and can be used for a range of applications such as people just starting out with addressable LEDs wanting to add some to their game room or bedroom to people wanting an easy to use mobile solution that can be operated from a simple USB power bank and anything in between really!

For this the dig2go has an extensive feature set that’s all included in every one of them! This includes a fully level-shifted output, up to 15w power handling, easy powering using USB-C but also advanced features such as a built-in IR receiver and even a high quality MEMS Digital Microphone!

Because it’s fully designed around USB-C it’s also great combined with a USB powerbank for portable applications!

Where can you buy the dig2go?

The dig2go is available from our partner selling WorldWide (Chinese based Allnet) and our partner in the US (DrZZs) selling locally in USA. Please use the links below to go to the webshop you want to buy!

WorldWide (Allnet),US (DrZZs)

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Currently there is only a single version of the dig2go but it is available in various bundles to make getting started with addressable LEDs even easier! Check out the various articles below to learn more.