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The QuinLED-dig2go is an easy to use small form factor addressable LED controller. It’s meant as easy entry point to digitally controllable LEDs and it mainly oriented towards smaller setups. Being an entry level controller for RGB-IC/Addressable LEDs it’s fully plug and play, no screws or anything like that! Just plug-in USB-C power (like your phone uses) and a set of Addressable LEDs and it’s up and running!

The dig2go is very versatile and can be used for a range of applications such as people just starting out with addressable LEDs wanting to add some to their game room or bedroom to people wanting an easy to use mobile solution that can be operated from a simple USB power bank and anything in between really!

All dig2go include the following features:

  • Very small form factor in custom plastic case
  • ESP32 with 4MB of flash memory
  • Level-shifted 5v LED data output
  • Up to 5v 3Amps (15watt) of power handling through USB-C
    • USB-C negotiation compliant!
  • Built-in digital microphone for sound reactive
  • On/Off button integrated into case
  • IR receiver for generic IR remotes
  • 2x 4 female headers for optional expandability
    • 5v, 3v3, 2x GND
    • 4x GPIO (including I2C)
  • Suitable for generic 5v addressable LED strip
    • ws2812b, 5v sk6812 (RGB and RGBW)
      • Both strip or pixels
  • For more technical details please see the specifications article!

Various Kits

The dig2go will only be available in a “pre-assembled” form. However it will be sold in multiple kits to allow for a multitude of use cases:

  • Just the Controller
    • Just add power adapter, USB-C cable and LEDs!
  • Controller + Power bundle
    • All ready to go, just add LEDs!
  • Full kit
    • Everything is there, including the LED strip, truly unpack and play!

(As a special order the PCB will also be available to integrate into your own product! No need to worry about any of the electronics, just integrate this little PCB and you are done, you now have added addressable LEDs to your own product! Please contact me for details and pricing!)

To buy (pre-release!)

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