Specialty strips

The strips I put in this category have some special feature which makes them stand out from normal LED strip. Think of things like having a different form, amount of LEDs or construction.


COB LED strip

A COB LED strip is constructed differently vs a normal LED strip. Instead of soldering SMD LED packages to the strip material a lot of tiny LEDs are place on the LED strip and then covered using COB translucent material. Because of this material all LEDs blend together and it distributes the light instead of the individual LED packages making it so that it really seems like a continuous “stripe” or line of LED light instead of lots of individual LEDs. It gives a very different effect vs a standard LED strip and especially when the strip itself will be visible (no indirect lighting) it can really be a nice effect and standout!

Light strip used in video (528LEDs/m)

COB LED strip from BTF-Lighting