Custom ESP32 development board

Coming soon!

Before my controllers used a variety of ESP32 development boards you plug into the top. Especially with the Digitally addressable LED series it was possible to use an D1 Mini ESP8266 or Mini 32 board. Since starting to sell these combined with pre-assembled boards the most issues we’ve had is with these boards failing. So, I have decided to create my own version of them, generally pin compatible with the current board but with some added features!


Unique features of the QuinLED-ESP32 development board:

  • Using ESP32 WROOM32 module version “E”
    • Using newest ESP32-D0WD-V3 chip
      • Enhanced (WiFi) stability and security (vs previous versions)
      • Lower power usage (vs previous versions)
  • Enhanced onboard capacitors
    • Better ESP32 stability (especially on USB)
  • USB-C host port
    • USB ESD protection chip
    • Back feed protection diode
  • 5v 750mA max PTC fuse
    • Protect board from too high power flowing through it killing it slowly
      • (Do NOT run LEDs powered from your ESP32 development board!)
  • Strong 800mA onboard linear 3.3v converter
  • Onboard CH340C USB-to-serial chip
  • Enhanced pin-out
    • 4x 9 pin rows
    • Compatible with original D1 Mini 32
    • Added GND, 3.3v, Fused 5v pins
  • Small form factor
  • Very dim power LED
    • No more development board power LED lighting up your room 😉


  • 3 versions
    • QuinLED-ESP32-AB (Antenna Board)
    • QuinLED-ESP32-AE (Antenna External)
    • QuinLED-ESP32-ABE (Antenna Board + Ethernet top board)


  • 3 prices

WorldWide & US store

Currently there is a first run of 100 boards of the QuinLED-ESP32-AE (Antenna External) available as a first test run. 50 of these will be available from the WorldWide store and 50 of them will be available from the DrZZS US store. Once users of this first batch report back everything is working well for them, these boards will replace the ESP32 board being delivered with the QuinLED-Dig-Uno and QuinLED-Dig-Quad! It will also be available to buy separately for upgrades or use in your own/other projects!

More information

For more information such as the module pinout, please visit this article.