QuinLED An-Penta-Mini Specifications

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The QuinLED-An-Mini was designed with keeping cost and a small form factor in mind dictating it’s design and features. Please see a list of it’s hardware features and capabilities below:


  • Based on the Espressif ESP32-C3 Micro-controller chip
    • 2.4Ghz WiFi connection with External Antenna
    • USB-C plug with programming capability
      • USB-C ESD protection chip
      • Expandability and no lock down!
        • No hardware lock-downs (you buy it, you own it!)
        • No problem installing updates to firmware
        • Program whatever you want to it!
  • High Quality modern MOSFET packages
    • Including 5v MOSFET drivers (only on 2x high power output) and resistors to create smooth PWM in conjunction with the custom capacitor circuit
    • Tuned MOSFET circuit
      • Low level dimming capable
        • Depending on resolution available the QuinLED An-Penta-Mini can dim LED strips exceptionally low through a highly tuned MOSFET circuit (recommended to use the 2x medium-power channels for best results)
      • “Slowed down” PWM pulse to be more EMI compliant
        • Designed to support up to 120kHz PWM!
      • Freewheeling (Flyback) Diodes
        • To prevent back feed from blowing up the MOSFETs
  • Power Supply friendly
    • Fully custom DC-DC stage for internal power conversion  (board electronics only)
      • Includes multiple built-in protection circuits
    • Custom capacitor circuit layout with multiple capacitors per positive output channel to prevent current spiking for the power supply (and over the power wires) as much as possible
    • “Low noise” PWM dimming
      • Design is fully optimized to prevent any “PWM noise” coming from the controller or power supply as much as possible!
  • High Voltage capable
    • The QuinLED-An-Mini is built around being fully 12-v48v compatible.
      • This enables new generation LED strips with less voltage drop issues over long distances!
  • Housed in a nice and small strong aluminium housing with clear labeling
  • Great WiFi coverage
    • Using an external antenna, although small, WiFi reception is strong and allows for easier placement in your house or project location.
  • Multiple button input, 3v3 and GND terminals
    • Button inputs with HW debounce circuit
    • Rotary encoder possible using 3x input!
    • Stemma QT/Qwiic connector allows easy expansion with I2C devices such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light sensors, extra input pins, etc.
  • 100% Native Home Assistant compatible
    • Built around hardware that is natively compatible in ESPhome and WLED!

Board Terminals

  • Pluggable screw terminals
    • All screw terminals are 5.08mm pluggable or 3.81mm pluggable style “rising clamp” terminals
    • All with + (Philips head) screws
      • 1x 2p 5.08mm Orange power input terminal  (supports up to 10Amps)
      • 1x 2p 5.08mm Red positive power output terminal  (fused at 5A per slot)
      • 1x 2p 5.08mm Black LED PWM output terminal  (rated at 5A max each)
      • 1x 3p 3.81mm Black LED PWM output terminal  (rated at 3A max each)
      • 1x 5p 3.81mm Green Button input terminals
        • 3x button pin
          • All pulled high through debounce circuit, short to GND to trigger input
        • 1x 3v3
        • 1x GND
    • 1x Stemma QT/Qwiic terminal for I2C devices