QuinLED-An-Penta DIY Soldering Guide

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If you’ve got all your components ready to build your own QuinLED-An-Penta boards and have the right tools, you’ve come to the right place! As normal I have a soldering guide video down below which guides you through building the board, but since this is much more Advanced DIY we’re also using a new method to build it!

Interactive BOM method

This new method is using something called the Interactive BOM plugin which is available for Kicad and can also be seen within the video since I use it myself all the time while building (prototype) boards! It gives you a great overview of all components that need to be placed and shows you the exact values and where on the board they go and even includes some little tick boxes which you can tick once you’ve placed the components and the overview clearly shows which components have been placed and which still need to be placed, it’s really excellent!

Click here for the Interactive BOM page for the QuinLED-An-Penta DIY

Building phases

As can be seen in the videos building the boards consists of 2 phases:

Phase 1:
Paste board with Stencil
Place all SMD components
Reflow components using hot air or preferably hot plate
Check if all reflowed correctly

Phase 2:
Solder all through-hole components in the following recommended order:

[soldering videos]

No soldering video is currently available yet but I do go through the whole build process in this livestream, have a look to make sure you are willing to “take on the challenge”!