QuinLED An-Penta-Mini Capabilites

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The QuinLED-An-Mini was designed with keeping cost and a small form factor in mind dictating it’s design and features. Please see a list of it’s hardware features and capabilities below:


PWM and bit depth resolution

  • High Speed PWM capable
    • Recommended PWM speed 19531Hz with 12-bit Resolution (4096 steps) (using ESPHome, WLED is 8Bit only)
      • 1kHz-4.9kHz with 14-Bit resolution (16384 steps)
      • 5kHz-9.9kHz with 13-Bit resolution (8192 steps)
      • 10kHz-19.9kHz with 12-Bit resolution (4096 steps)
      • 20kHz-39.9kHz with 11-Bit resolution (2048 steps)
      • 40kHz-79.9kHz with 10-Bit resolution (1024 steps)
      • 80kHz-159.9kHz with 9-Bit resolution (512 steps)
    • Higher PWM frequencies possible with lowered bit depth (and potentially lower max power handling, please see power handling article for details)

Voltage capabilities

  • 12v-48v Compatible with 10A max
    • Internally fused at 5Amp per channel with swappable fuses
      • Please see dedicated Power Handling article for exact details!

Flexibility and Current capabilities

  • 5x analog PWM output channels
    • 2x “medium-power” channels up 5A  (generally for white LED strips)
    • 3x “low-power” channels up to 3A  (generally for RGB LED strips)
    • Because of programmability of the controller these can be used “as seen fit” such as:
      • 5x white individually controllable
      • 1x RGB + 2x white individually controllable
      • 1x RGB+CCT (so a strip with Red, Green, Blue, Warm White and Cold White LEDs)