QuinLED-dig2analog User Upgrades

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The dig2analog has extra component pads on the back to allow for 2 user upgrades which aren’t installed by default.

Extra PTC (Auto Reset) Fuse

By default the board is configured with a 3A Auto-Reset fuse. This fuse should suffice for most use cases but if your particular use case requires a high total power limit (please also see the Power Handlin article) you can install a second 2920 30v 3A auto-reset PTC on the bottom side of the board to raise the total limit of the board to 6A sustained.

Freewheeling/Flyback diodes

By default the board does not come configured with diodes on the LED channels to handle inductive loads. These spots for these are however available on the back of the board and can be added by the user if so desired. The pads are in the SOD-123F form factor. Please consider that the negative dimming channels are on the side of their pins and that the positive “drain” is on the other side of the pads. This means generally you’ll want to have the stripe of the diode facing away from the soldered pins of the negative channels, this way any excess power build up can drain away to the positive rails.

Photo of back of the board