QuinLED-Dig-Octa System
Power Connections

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The QuinLED-Dig-Octa system has been designed with power delivery in mind. Because of this it’s various boards can accept a multitude of power connections and voltages.


The current QuinLED-Dig-Octa_Brainboard-32-8L has 3 power input connections:

  • 5v USB-C
  • 2p pluggable 3.81mm connector
  • QPowerPost

Except for the USB-C (5v only) the 2p connector and QPowerPost are allowed to be anywhere between 5v-24v.

All inputs can be connected at the same time with mixed voltages if so desired (highest voltage source is automatically chosen from all available connections). This makes the boards very easy to power! In some situations you might just want to run the board purely over it’s USB-C connecting which is perfectly fine to do. In other situations you might use all 3 connections at the same time with power coming from multiple power supplies which is also perfectly fine.

This is for instance very useful in situations where a large power might comes in through QPowerPost but might sometimes be switches off using a relay to lower idle power usage of the LEDs and big power supplies.


Powerboards should only be connected to a single power supply at all times! Please see the powerboard specifications for rated continuous power allowed.

The Power-5, Power-7 and Power-7HC all accept 5v, 12v and 24v.