Board Sections

After doing this for a while we now have multiple types of boards that are currently maintained and available. Below I will group them into sections. More articles about the specific boards can be found in their specific sections.

QuinLED Pre-Assembled Boards

Since 2020 I’ve started offering some boards in a pre-assembled form. Recent versions of the pre-assembled versions might be slightly different features vs the DIY boards. This is mainly because a lot more can be integrated using the SMD methods vs what is possible with DIY. All these extra features are listed on the buying pages!

Please see the following article about which boards are available as pre-assembled.


QuinLED-ESP32 Custom board

Custom developed ESP32 development board in D1 Mini32 form factor. Includes several enhancements over the original!

Comes in 3 variants:


QuinLED DIY Boards

Please go to board section for board related articles!

Analog LED Dimmer Boards section

DC analog LED dimmers with high power handling and high PWM frequency and great ESPhome software for Home Assistant integration. Channels can be freely configured so for instance on a QuinLED-Deca you could run 4x white + 2x RGB for instance.

Digital LED Controller Boards section

Enables control of individual LEDs on strip or string, runs the excellent WLED software for standalone or Home Assistant integration

QuinLED Origin is officially a sub-site of Intermittent Technology (website and YouTube channel). I decided to split off the QuinLED side of things to it’s own website because it was getting too complex to keep all content on a single website. So this website is mainly about my boards but over the years I have also published a lot of articles about what LEDs to get and all related tools to build the boards yourself!