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Recently renamed from QuinLED-Quad to QuinLED-An-Quad!

QuinLED-An-Quad is a ESP32 powered 4 channel WiFi PWM dimmer for 12v and 24v LED strips. It’s design goal was keeping the footprint/size as small as possible while still enabling 4 high-power channels so you can run 4 independent LED strips or use it with strip configurations up RGBW. It also has several GPIO and power pins exposed to hook up switches, sensors or anything else you would like.

It can run either WLED (great for standalone and phone app control!) or ESPhome and it’s the perfect companion for Home Assistant!

The QuinLED-An-Quad has been designed from the ground up to be a DIY project so you get all the parts and build it yourself! There is no pre-assembled version planned.

QuinLED-Quad - Front
QuinLED-Quad - Back
QuinLED-Quad - Front
QuinLED-Quad - Back
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