Shopping links

To build any of the QuinLED boards you are going to need several specific components and put them together. I will try to keep updated lists (seller listings often change) for each board so you always have a current list to go to.

I will always link to the exact item on Aliexpress but also, where available, try to provide a link to Amazon, Banggood and Ebay, I use an external choice page for this!

I have recently gotten into a dispute with ebay about my links and will no longer provide ebay links!

But know that it’s hard to find all the correct components on all of these websites, Aliexpress is by far the easiest, cheapest and most accurate and is my main component source! If you haven’t bought any hardware on Aliexpress before, give it go, my experience has been great!

*A note about Aliexpress and shipping, please select “Aliexpress standard shipping” to get components in a reasonable amount of time, “Cainiao Super Economy Global” for instance is shipping by boat and can easily take 8 weeks or longer, especially for small items!


Still, that doesn’t mean you have to order the components using my links, but if you do, you are certain that you are getting the right parts and everything is going to fit together and work.  🙂 It’s also very much  appreciated because:

Affiliate links

Because tinkering can quickly become an out of control hobby, especially if you are developing custom boards like the QuinLED, costs start counting up rapidly! Still, it’s a hobby and I do it out of the passion for creating things. With that said, every little penny counts and to try and keep my tinkering going, all the links on this website are affiliate links. That means that, at no cost to you, I get a little kickback if you buy any of the components (or anything really) through my Aliexpress, Amazon, Banggood and Ebay links. Even those few cents go a long way of keeping me going and for that I thank you. 🙂