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Since v3.1 of the pre-assembled Dig-Uno and Dig-Quad they have a selectable resistor switcher circuit built-in (33R and 249R) so a data-booster right behind the Dig board is not needed anymore.

The QuinLED-Data-Booster is a little board to solve some common problems around building up a addressable LED setup, those are Data Signal Conditioning (resistor value), Mid run data Boosting and Power Injection without having to solder.

Especially the first use has seen a lot of use recently because for using long data wires the resistor used on these needs to be optimized for the cabling setup. The QuinLED-Data-Booster has a little switch on it to switch between 2 resistor values adapting the data signal to better match the type of cable (single data cable vs 3-wire cable with data included next to GND).

QuinLED-Data-Booster (Maxi) with optional power injection hooked up

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