QuinLED-Dig-Octa System

To put a brainboard, powerboard or stack of both onto your project board, enclosure, etc. you are going to need some dimensions of the boards! Please take a look at the drawing below to find the dimensions of the brainboard and all the powerboards. Although the powerboards have different features all dimensions and screw hole locations are always the same!

Screw hole sizes:

  • Brainboard  –  M2.5
  • Powerboard  –  M3

All sizes are in millimeter.

The Brainboard-32-8L as the Power-5 do not have any components on the back of the PCB. The Power-7 and Power-7HC do! But it’s always advised to use some standoffs (included) to lift any type of board above the surface you are putting it on. Even if there are no components there are exposed solder joints and for the powerboards it’s also important in regards to board cooling.

Height varies per board:

  • Brainboard-32-8L  –  20mm
  • Powerboard-5  –  30mm
  • Poewrboard-7  –  30mm
  • Powerboard-7HC  –  30mm