I’ve been a bit reluctant in creating this page but people seemingly find ways to do donate to me anyway.

So upfront, if you are thinking of donating to me, you don’t have to, but if you want to do so anyway, I am very appreciative. I do burn through a lot of money making prototypes and such, so it’s certainly welcome, but absolutely not mandatory.

If you want to help me out anyway, use some of my Amazon, Banggood or Aliexpress affiliate links, that gives me a small kickback while costing you nothing! It even works for goods you order in the same session from clicking my link!

If that’s not good enough, I also have a PayPal you can donate to directly. Again, please don’t feel obligated, but, if you still feel the need to, please use the button below, Truly and humbly I thank you! 🙂