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The dig2analog is based on the WorldSemi WS2814F chip. This chip is used to “extract” the data for a single digital LED/Pixel and the board converts it to a PWM output able to drive Dumb/Analog 12v or 24v LED strips with PWM up to RGBW.

In layman’s terms, the board acts like a single digitally addressable LED and takes the input and outputs it outputs control dumb style RGBW LED strips. You can chain multiple boards behind each other and each acts as it’s own Pixel or LED.

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Sample use cases

  • Ability to use high quality white Analog/Dumb LED strips with CRI95 without needing another controller
    • Suitable for primary lighting purposes
  • Ability to use much higher brightness Analog/Dumb LED strips
    • Suitable for primary lighting purposes
  • Hybrid staircase installations with “unlimited” number of steps
    • Each step can do RGBW individually
  • When you need lots of channels
    • Analog/PWM controllers are limited in the number of channels they provide
      • Each dig2analog provides 4 individual channels and you can chain up to 400 of them on a single data connection!
  • Long distance location from controller
    • If the spot you wish to use your analog strips is very far away you can transport the data signal there (including differentially) and then do the PWM dimming locally near the LED strip while still being centrally controlled
  • Art projects
    • For instance you want to have 50 arches above a walkway
      • Using digital LEDs you quickly run out of channels, running the dig2analog you can still run effects over the setup as a whole (rainbow, etc.) without complicated wiring

Lots of use cases as you can see, maybe the little board can help you out on a project you are working on?

This board is available as pre-assembled only!