QuinLED An-Penta-Mini
Configuration examples

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The QuinLED An-Penta-Mini can be configured in various configurations with it’s 5 available dimming channels. These are free to assign “as seen fit”. Below are some simple configurations!

Please note these are examples, you can use, move, mix the channels as you see fit while adhering to their maximum power outputs (as detailed in the power handling article). If you wish to make the R/L1 output do white, all good, it’s up to you!

All GPIO pins you need to configure can be found in the pinout article!

You will need WLED firmware compatible with the ESP32-C3, the one currently pre-compiled by WLED as of v0.14.4 is not directly compatible with the QuinLED An-Penta-Mini. Please use to get a compatible version.

All configuration is done in settings -> LED preferences within the WLED app or web page!

RGB+CCT (Red, Green Blue + Dual White)

  • L5 – GPIO_3 – Red
  • L4 – GPIO_0 – Green
  • L3 – GPIO_1 – Blue
  • L2 – GPIO_4 – Warm White
  • L1 – GPIO_5 – Cold White

5x White


RGBW + White