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The QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa is part of the 2023 QuinLED Analog “PWM Dimmer” pre-assembled board line-up. It’s been designed with the goal of having a few very high power channels combined with a single Digital LED channel and Ethernet. Primarily designed towards Home Automation usage for controlling “Analog”/Dumb LED strips it’s great at a highly reliable Ethernet connected dimmer able to handle a very high power LED strips. The QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa is 100% natively compatible ESPhome and WLED firmware making it a great choice for controlling LED strips using Home Assistant for instance but it can also be used standalone.

Unique design features of the QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa are 12v-48v compatibility (both Analog and Digital), very high power single channel capable (up to 10Amps) and it’s the first Analog+Digital controller having a digital ouput channel next to the 5x Analog channels. It’s also the only one in the lineup that features Ethernet so you can hardwire it into your network not having to rely on WiFi!

Next to that the QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa includes dedicated button input terminals, Stemma QT I2C connector and lots of other features!

[photo of board]

Where can you buy the QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa?

The QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa is available from our partner selling WorldWide (Chinese based Allnet) and our partner in the US (DrZZs) selling locally in USA. Please use the links below to go to the webshop you want to buy!

WorldWide (Allnet),US (DrZZs)

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The QuinLED-Hybrid-Hexa only comes in a single version or type and is currently not being sold with any bundles. For LED strips I have tested myself and recommend, please see my recommended analog LED strip article here.