QuinLED-Data-Booster Data Signal Conditioning

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QuinLED-Data-Booster(-Maxi) For sale now!

One of the main functions of the QuinLED-Data-Booster(-Maxi) is allowing you to select between a 33Ω ad 249Ω resistor. All QuinLED-Dig boards come with 249Ω resistor on board but depending on cabling choice in your setup you might want to change those to a 33Ω.

This change can be achieved by de-soldering and re-soldering the resistor on the QuinLED-Dig board but I get not everyone want to do that. That’s where the QuinLED-Data-Booster(-Maxi) comes in, allowing you to select the output resistor value with the flip of a little button!

More information about the why and how can be found here. But in short these are the guidelines:

  • If you are using power wires and a separate data wire, you want the 249Ωresistor (which is the default on QuinLED-Dig boards)
  • If you are using 2-wire or 3-wire cable within which GND and the data signal run close together, you want the 33Ω data output resistor to make it work beyond 3m/10ft