QuinLED-dig2analog Board Dimensions

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The dig2analog is a fairly compact board so it can be integrated in spots where you might need it! Below are some of the dimensions if you’d like to design an enclosure or want to know if the board fits or not!

The screw terminals are the highest points on the board and these measure 14mm high from board to top of the terminal. So total height can be considered about 15mm from the top of the board. But make sure to take into account the 1.6mm thickness of the board and also that it’ll have pins sticking out on the bottom, this adds about 5mm below the board. So the total package is about 20mm to 21mm in total height considering the bottom pins, the board and everything.

*Please make sure that if you are mounting the boards these are liften above the mounting surface, all pins on the bottom are conductive!