QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ (Touch, IR, Microphone, Micro-SDcard, 3x LED channel)

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The QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ is a special version of the QuinLED-ESP32 module which adds a lot of extra functionality in the form of a “top hat” to the base ESP32 module.

The AE+ offers the following:

  • Touch sensor op the top side of the board
    • Can be linked to different actions then the default button in WLED
  • 38kHz Infrared receiver
    • Allows control using various cheap IR remotes within WLED
  • Digital Microphone (ICS-43434)
  • Micro-SDcard slot
    • Connected in SPI mode, allows you to use common MicroSD cards (tested up to 64GB) to expand local storage on the ESP32
  • 3x LED channel
    • Fully individually level-shifted to 5v with a 33Ω data line resistor (best compatible with 3-wire cable)

Please check the pinout article for details which GPIO pins to use.

All of these features can be used as is (ESP32 directly connected using 5vIN or USB-C for instance) or are fully pin compatible with the QuinLED-Dig-Uno (v3+), QuinLED-Dig-Quad (v2+) or QuinLED-An-Penta!

3 versions of the module

Since the complete module includes a lot of expensive components and not all people will need all of the functionality there will be 3 versions of the AE+ board that will be available:

  • AE+_Full
    • Has all the functionality: Touch, IR, Microphone, Micro-SDcard, 3x LED channel
  • AE+_IR + MIC
  • AE+_SD + 3x
    • Has Touch, the Micro-SDcard reader and the 3x LED data channel outputs
      • Ideal to use for extra LED channels and with ESPixelstick v4 you can use the Micro-SDcard reader to store .fseq files locally!

Only sold as a complete module

Because of special pin requirements (like on the Ethernet version) it will only be sold as a whole (base ESP32 board + top board). This also means the Ethernet and AE+ version is an either solution and cannot be combined. The AE+ version currently has it’s own shop link until we can change some stuff on the back-end, you can find it here.

Currently only available as an Extra

Because of the amount of options for a Dig-Uno and Dig-Quad board and a limited shop system currently the QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ will only be sold as a separate product and can’t be selected when buying a Dig-Uno or Dig-Quad which means you’ll end up with extra ESP32 boards. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience and will try to improve this in the future. If you are ordering a larger amount of boards (10+) please contact allnet to make a custom order for you, sometimes we can arrange this.

Default configuration

The QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ will come with the default WLED version installed and the default configuration. Please use the pinout article to set your desired configuration manually! If you wish to use the Audio Reactive version of WLED or ESPixelstick v4 you can easily manually flash the board like any other ESP32 board!

Only External antenna version

Because of a lot of copper included in the top board and wires coming out of the extra LED data ports potentially it would obstruct a lot of the wireless signal of the base board, because of this reason the QuinLED-ESP32-AE+ will only be sold with the External Antenna ESP32 board.

Some may say, but the Ethernet version does come with an onboard antenna and that is correct but this is because 99% of the users is going to use the Ethernet port after initial setup which is not the case for the AE+ board.

The board is delivered together with a decent antenna and a suitable pigtail cable (10cm) to connect it.