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QuinLED-An-Deca is an ESP32 powered 10 Channel WiFi connected PWM LED dimmer. This main design goal for this board board was a lot of channels with a decent power handling. This board also accepts up to 50v input and output voltage making it suitable for a wide range of LED lights.

The 10 channels can be controlled independently or you can hook up for instance 5x CCT (CW+WW) strips or 2x RGB+CCT (RGB+CW+WW) strips!

It can run either WLED (great for standalone and phone app control!) or ESPhome and it’s the perfect companion for Home Assistant!

The QuinLED-An-Deca has been designed from the ground up to be a DIY project so you get all the parts and build it yourself! There is no pre-assembled version planned.

QuinLED-An-Deca fully hooked up
QuinLED-An-Deca fully built
QuinLED-Deca - Back
QuinLED-Deca - Front
QuinLED-Deca - Back
QuinLED-Deca - Front
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