QuinLED-Dig-Octa System
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The QuinLED-Dig-Octa System is the next step in addressable LED controllers in the QuinLED line-up. The system has been designed from the ground up to be modular and scalable. Where the QuinLED-Dig-Uno and QuinLED-Dig-Quad are great compact boards to run your LEDs the Dig-Octa system has been designed if you wish to grow your system bigger and need more of a certain resource then those “fixed” boards can provide.

In the QuinLED-Dig-Octa System the pixel controller and power delivery has been uncoupled and each now have their own boards but can still be combined in a “stack” to basically create the exact controller you need at that spot. The controller side is called “brainboard” and the power delivery side is called “powerboard”. In each of those categories there will be different boards which all serve a specific function or design.

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