QuinLED-Deca-Plus Pinout Guide


Wiring Guide

Wiring LED strip seems simple but becomes more complex the longer the length becomes. Before we talk wiring though, take a look at my article about 12v vs 24v LED strip. In the following diagrams I will be talking about 24v LED strip only, when using 12v take into account that the maximum lengths mentioned should most likely be kept shorter, the same goes for very cheap LED strip! On the other hand, high quality LED strip at 24v can often be made longer then the stated 2.5m.

While following below guides, please make sure not to exceed the calculated power limits for the board and individual ports! And last, after reading the below wiring diagrams please also take a look a the wire thickness needed page to determine what thickness cable you require for your desired lengths and application! Also remember to provide proper cooling for your LED strip!


Simple Guide

For connecting strips up to 2.5m or 8.2 feet of 24v LED strip you most often can get away with connecting only one end of the strip. Going beyond this length will most likely cause faded light emittance at the end of the strip!


Wiring examples not available right now, please see wiring examples from QuinLED-Deca, (scroll down past table). The main difference is that the QuinLED-Deca-Plus can run 8A max per channel and has a fuse per channel