Boards in the Digital controller subclass

Digital LEDs most often come in strip form on which each LED can be set to an independent value from the other LEDs, these strips come in several different forms and configurations although most of them use 5v as their voltage. Digital LEDs can use a variety of chips, most popular among them are the WS2812b (Neopixel), APA102/SK9822 (Dotstar) or SK6822 LED chips. The QuinLED-Dig board have been laid out in such a way that any of these type of strips can be connected. More information about which addressable chips/strips I like to use can be found here.

Currently there are two boards meant for this function:

  • QuinLED-Dig-Uno
    • A single channel controller board which focuses mainly on board size, trying to make it as small as possible in combination with an ESP32
  • QuinLED-Dig-Hexa
    • A 6 channel high power controller. If you need a lot of channels and/or power handling through the board, this is the board for you!
    • Project cancelled and superseded by QuinLED-Dig-Quad
  • QuinLED-Dig-Quad
    • A 4 channel high power controller board compatible with ESP8266 and ESP32 (ESP32 strongly advised!)