Boards in the QuinSense subclass

Current development timeframe is unknown

Both the QuinLED-Quad and QuinLED-Deca have GPIO and voltage pins broken out and can be used for sensors and other devices!

QuinSense is all about making boards to hook up sensors or switches such as wall switches, motion sensors, temperature sensors, etc.

The main focus of these boards is to be as compact as possible (with the given micro-controller) so it can fit everywhere where you might need it. In the future multiple boards might spawn with different goals such as low power consumption for use with a battery, etc.

Currently I’m looking at developing two boards:

  • QuinSense
    • An ESP8266 based version which uses an ESP-01 to be as small as possible. I’m targeting around 2,5 by 2,5 by 2,5cm!
  • QuinSense32
    • An ESP32 based version. This will be a bit bigger but I’m hoping I can still keep it small in size and allow you to use the enhanced functionality of the ESP32