QuinLED-Dig-Uno Soldering guide

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Video guide is still for v2r5, images below have been updated to reflect v2r6! Please see revision history for changes

If you are looking for the v2r5 soldering guide, click here

To solder the QuinLED-Dig-Uno together I’ve made a video which takes you through all the steps involved. I think anyone should be able to follow along and basically replicate what I do in the video. Just pause the video at each step and do it yourself. I know soldering seems daunting at first, but with some decent equipment I think anyone should be able to solder a working board together!

Beyond this video I also have the highlight picture guide below, once you are doing watching the video, make sure to check that out also!



Soldering Highlight guide

To make soldering even easier I have made some highlighted pictures where you can see exactly where each of the components go per type.

1. SMD Capacitors

4x 0.1 µF

1x 10 µF


2. SMD Resistor


1x 4.7k resistor

2x 51R resistor


5x 10K Resistor (Pull-Down and Pull-Ups for Q1-Q4 and GPIO0)

*2020-11 Recently people have been reporting flickering issues, removing and bridging the 51R resistors has resolved this in some cases but generally you should keep the resistors in place. Please (only) try if you experience the same.



3. SMD diodes

These have polarity, mind the stripe on the board and diodes!

3x SS24 diode

2x SS24 diode

(Because of issues with some level-shifters it’s currently recommended to bridge the Top SS24 diode fixing the issue)


4. Level Shifter

1x 74AHCT125N or 74HCT125N


5. Male Pin headers

2x 4 pins (GPIO Headers horizontal) + 2x 2 pins (GPIO Headers vertical)

2x 3 pins (red and yellow color with jumpers)

6. Screw Terminals

1x 2 times terminal (black)

1x 4 times terminal (blue)


7. Female headers + Micro-controller

Set of 2x 8 pin female headers + 2x 8 pin male headers to solder onto the micro-controller

Easiest way to solder these is by making a little “sandwich”  like I show in the video!


8. Fuse holder

Single fuse holder


9. Through-Hole capacitors

1x 8mm x max 8mm height

1x 10mm x unlimited height


10. Optional DC-DC converter

1x DC-DC converter (line up vi and vo)


11. Optional DS18B20 temperature sensor

1x DS18B20 temperature sensor


Ending remarks

Did all of the above? Great, you’re done, go on to either the wiring guide or one of the programming guides from the front page.