Pre-Assembled QuinLED-Dig-Uno WLED manual

Once you receive your pre-assembled board, it’s really easy to get it all setup using WLED! WLED can be controlled using the WLED app or for instance using Home Assistant!

Flashing your ESP8266 D1 Mini with WLED

Pre-assembled boards currently sold have WLED 0.9.1 pre-flashed already! Check out the video how to use the app, etc.

I made a video about how to flash WLED easily, check it out below!

Flashing your ESP8266 D1 Mini with WLED (Text form)

  1. Take the D1 Mini from the QuinLED-Dig-Uno board out of it’s socket and hook it up to your computer using a micro-USB cable (not included!)
  2. Download ESPhome Flasher (for Windows) and the newest WLED release binary (Generic ESP8266 binary)
  3. Use ESPHome flasher tool to flash binary file to ESP8266 D1 Mini
  4. Disconnect D1 Mini from USB cable
  5. Connect power cables and LED cables to screw terminals on the board
  6. Push ESP8266 D1 Mini back into socket (Antenna sticking out, USB port towards fuse)
  7. Power on power supply and connect phone to WLED Access-Point
  8. Enjoy WLED like this (or connect to home WiFi network)