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The QuinLED-An-Mini is part of the 2024 QuinLED Analog “PWM Dimmer” pre-assembled board line-up. It’s been designed with keeping cost down and having a relatively small small form factor in mind. Primarily designed towards Home Automation usage for controlling “Analog”/Dumb LED strips but can also be used in other projects (since it’s easily reprogrammed) or standalone. The QuinLED-An-Mini is 100% natively compatible ESPhome and WLED firmware making it a great choice for controlling LED strips using Home Assistant but it also works great standalone.

Unique design features of the QuinLED-An-Mini are 12v-48v compatibility, fully safe and internally fused design with 2x positive outputs channels (with automatic reset fuse protection!), 5x analog output channels (Fully Free combination allowing a combination of White, CCT or up to RGB+CCT output!) and extra features such as button input terminals (including hardware debounce circuit) and available Stemma QT I2C connector for easily connecting I2C sensors, expansion boards, etc.! To communicate with the outside world the QuinLED-An-Mini is equipped with a powerful external antenna allowing you to place it where you need it in your house or project.

[photo of board]

Where can you buy the QuinLED-An-Mini?

Not yet available, target 2024 – Q2!

The QuinLED-An-Mini is available from our partner selling WorldWide (Chinese based Allnet) and our partner in the US (DrZZs) selling locally in USA. Please use the links below to go to the webshop you want to buy!

WorldWide (Allnet),US (DrZZs)

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The QuinLED-An-Mini only comes in a single version or type and is currently not being sold with any bundles. For LED strips I have tested myself and recommend, please see my recommended analog LED strip article here.