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This website is about DIY WiFi controllable LED dimmers and controllers combined with lots of general information about LEDs and LED strip

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Thank you for visiting quinled.info! This website has two main goals, first is to present my custom DIY controllers. These controllers are all WiFi connected and integrate natively into Home Assistant or with MQTT. There are guides or anything from hardware, building and software so that you can can build these Analog or Digitally Addressable LED controllers yourself!

Second is to talk about LEDs in general, what LEDs to buy, what the differences are, how to power them and everything in between.

If you are missing certain information, please let me know either through Discord or the contact page!

In this section we talk about analog LEDs. That means LED strip or COB LEDs that are generally 12v or 24v and all LEDs display the same, so not individually addressable. This type of LED shines in producing high quality white light! I currently have two controllers for this, the QuinLED-Quad and the QuinLED-Deca which are both ESP32 based PWM dimmers. I am also working on the much stronger QuinLED-Deca-Plus

Here we talk about LEDs which have a little chip inside of them, making them digitally addressable allowing you to create all kinds of patterns and effects. For this I have developed 2 controllers the QuinLED-Dig-Uno and the QuinLED-Dig-Quad (work in progress). Both can be used together with an ESP8266 or ESP32 and can various different software such as WLED or ESPixelstick!

I have some ideas for other boards such as for controlling FANs and sensors. Nothing available right now but one day there will be!

There is so much more that you need to know about LEDs, in this section I’ll gather all information articles and videos I’ve done to try and explain everything you need to know!

In my guides and videos I show a lot of tools, supplies and equipment. Here you can find all the items I like using and are good to pick up!

This section is going to be all about power, all projects need power!